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Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Toomey joined The REACH as its Chief Executive Officer in January of 2012. Previously, Toomey served as the Special Projects Director for Columbia Basin College. Her work at CBC was intrumental in the redesign and development of their Agrilcultural program, the Innovation Institute, creation of the Leadership Fellow Program, design undergraduate degree, and the creation of Columbia Basin Savory Brands. In the past Lisa has held positions with the Goodwill Games, TRIDEC, Hyatt Regency Maui, Battelle-PNNL, Columbia Pacific Airlines, and as Director of the Washington Wine Expo.

A proud Western Washington University graduate, Lisa holds a B.A. in Speech Communication and Journalism.


Administration Staff:

Dianna Millsap
Amy Viggiano
Teresa Shively
Laura Church

Education Staff:

Stephanie Button
Rosalie Fabion
Jeanne Newton