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Richland Public Facilities District Board

Richland Public Facilities District

The Richland Public Facilities District (RPFD), is a municipal entitiy in the state of Washington, and is responsible for the construction and operation of the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center. The RPFD was created in 2002 under the authority of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Section 82.14.390, which authorizes the shift of .033% sales and use tax to a public facilities district at no additonal cost to the taxpayer. This will be used to acquire, construct, finance and/or operate a regional center located in the city.

The RPFD meets every third Monday of the month at 4:00pm in the Council Chamber in the Richland City Hall, located at 505 Swift Boulevard, Richland WA 99352.

Richland Public Facility District (PFD) Board

  • Fred Raab, President
    Observatory Head, LIGO
  • Rick Jansons, Vice-President
    President, Richland School Board
  • Dan Boyd, Secretary/Treasurer
    CPA, Baker & Giles PS
  • Stanley Jones
    Principal, Arculus Design and Technical Services
  • Steve Simmons
    Owner, Country Gentleman Restaurant & Catering
  • Lisa Toomey, CEO of The Hanford Reach Interpretive Center
    Ex officio

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